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PVC PVG conveyor belt

PVC PVG conveyor belt   PVC PVG conveyor belt

Non pressed PVC type is suitable for applications in dry conditions at a slope angle of no greater than 16 degrees. 

PVG type is suitable for applications at a slope angle of less than 20 degrees.

1. The belt has good flame resistance and anti-static properties .It can fully satisfy the requirements of MT-914 and is especially suitable for material conveying at inflammable or underground coal mines.
2. The solid woven fabric uses high tensile strength and low elongation polyester long filament as warp fiber, for weft fiber, it uses high tensile and medium modulus nylon filament. The fabric is high in strength, low in elongation, light in carcass, free of separation of plies, shock resistant, anti-tear and good in trough ability.
3. Non pressed PVC type is suitable for applications in dry conditions at a slope angle of no greater than 16 degrees. PVG type is suitable for applications at a slope angle of less than 20 degrees.